3D Museum

Floydseum: the first 3D museum


Immerse yourself in the first 3D universe dedicated to the rock band, to relive the Pink Floyd charm through a unique, amusing and valorising experience. You will discover a picturesque and metaphysical word, enriched by fantastic, original artworks kindly offered by collectors. The rooms of the museum are ready to provide visitors with tons of masterpieces like vinyl, unique live show and backstage pictures, magazines and beautiful memorabilia. In addition, an entire shop where buy, like in a real museum, gadgets and memories linked to the English rock band.

Enter now the 3D online Floydseum, made in Unity3D. The 3D museum is accessible through the button below. In order to run smoothly, please open the museum in one of the following suggested web browsers: Edge, Chrome 64bit, Firefox (the museum is currently incopatible for Internet Explorer and Chrome 32bit). The 3D museum made in Unity3D can take between 4-8 minutes to load, please be patient. A progress bar will indicate the status.


Enter the Floydseum made in Unity!


Since 2014, Qbit Technologies and the Cultural Association Floydseum has worked together to bring the 3D Floydseum at a new stage, taking advantage of the new VR technologies available. Being among the first to explore the next generation of 3D Floydseum, designed on an innovative open source web platform, which enables scalable, interoperable and multiuser virtual reality worlds. To explore 3D Floydseum new version, please install the latest web interface here. During th installation, just flag "Interface". After installing, get ready to explore by clicking the button below.


Enter the Floydseum now!


For any doubt or problem, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying as object "3D Museum issue".