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Founded on October 25th, 2012, but already recognized and appreciated in the international and national levels, the Cultural Association Floydseum promotes all cultural initiatives aimed at enhancing and spreading the "pink passion" through the involvement of collectors, lovers or just fans of Pink Floyd.

Thanks to long-standing international relations, now capital of the partners, the Association continually strives to be a point of reference for the sharing of culture linked to the group and does so through a wide range of activities such as:

  • tells the story of the historical material related to the band in order to preserve it and preserve it;
  • the establishment and maintenance of a 3D virtual museum to offer a unique and engaging;
  • the publication of web content up to date;
  • the sharing of knowledge and its own patrimony and with other associations or museums, and through the organization of exhibitions, conferences and concerts.

The birth of the Association is to work with some of the world's most famous collectors of historical documentation of Pink Floyd and other fans who believed in this project from the beginning. In detail, the founding members are:



Founder member and chairman of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Lover of Pink Floyd since he was 7, he is currently one of the most known and recognized collectors of "pink" material. In the 80s, he was publisher of the fanzine "Pink Collector", a reference point for collectors all over the world; in the 90s he was co-editor of another fanzine known environment, "Time", while the 2008, co-editor of the popular and respected magazine for enthusiasts "Heyou" for which he is also responsible for the preparation and Collectibles section.
The photo of his uncle Augustus is on the "memory wall" shown during the concerts of Roger Waters "The Wall Live" 2010/2013.



Founder member and member of board of directors of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Always curious and interested in the news, he has enthusiastically embraced the goal of this association by providing its expertise in the field of management consulting. Work in fact, through his company Nestar initiatives for leading national and international realities. His expertise regarding organizational change, the production and logistics processes in a lean way and issues related to management control.



Founder member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Lover of Pink Floyd and having a deep knowledge of new technologies, he has decided to make available to the Association its huge knowledge in the field of technological innovation. He participates in research groups like the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, he is SA member of the IEEE and he collaborates with groups working on modelling and simulation of NATO.
He realized the Association's website and, most importantly, the design and creation of 3D Virtual Museum dedicated to the group. He took part at the Pink Floyd concert in Venice in 1989, a concert that still defines it as the best of his life.



Founder member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Always in the world of collectors dedicated to Pink Floyd, he has over time become one of the most well-known and appreciated collectors of material related to the band. He includes in its portfolio many collaborations with famous fanzines and authors of books; in the 90s, it was, along with Alberto Durgante and Kollagen Intensiv Nicola De Cal, co-editor of the fanzine "Time" and in the last 5 years, it has become co-editor and head of the news section and promotion of the note and estimated fanzine "Heyou."
For this fanzine, in addition to those tasks, it also manages relationships with record companies and with the national and international press.



Founder member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Always been a great fan of the band, he has collaborated with numerous fanzines in time and authors of books. In the early 90s, he was editor of the fanzine "Learning to fly"; at the end of the 90s, he was co-editor of the fanzine "Time" from 2009 and is co-editor of the known and esteemed fanzine "Heyou" for which runs the eponymous website.



Honorary member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

He is a music historian, archivist, and the manager of Pink Floyd "Pink Floyd Archives" U.S. (pinkfloydarchives.com). He is a well-known and respected collector and expert of the vicissitudes of the band. He has written many books such as "The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia", "Pink Floyd-The press reports" and his "bud" or "Comfortably Numb-A History of The Wall" that reveals all the secrets of the album of the same name, the film and of the live show.
He is a worldwide point of reference for the global benchmark for the discographies of Pink Floyd and has been involved in many of their projects. He is the only person, other than the band, quoted as a source by Nick Mason in his personal biography of the band entitled "Inside Out".



Honorary member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Founder of well-known English fanzine dedicated to Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage", he was director from 1985 to 1993, also launching the career of Australian Pink Floyd. He is a great collector of historical documents relating to the band, co-editor of the book "Pink Floyd in the flesh, the complete performance history" and author of what is widely considered the "bible" of Pink Floyd or the book "Echoes" that has consecrated as the leading authority on the history of the band. He has written extensively about the band for many music magazines including Mojo, Record Collector and Classic Rock.
He currently works in art direction and production tour of the music industry, he is editor of books on Pink Floyd (mindheadpublishing.co.uk) and recently has also printed a new lavishly illustrated book titled "The Treasures of Pink Floyd."



Honorary member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Great collector and enthusiast of Pink Floyd, he was one of the collaborators in the realization of the well-known English fanzine "Brain Damage", which was born in England but spread all over the world in the '80s and '90s. Following the trend of the times gave birth eponymous site in English - brain-damage.co.uk - which has become the undisputed reference point for the "floydian" fans around the world.



Honorary member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Great collector and fan of Pink Floyd, he was the editor of the well-known Austrian-German fanzine "Pulse and Spirit." In addition, following the trend of the times, he gave birth eponymous site, pulse-and-spirit.com, which has become the undisputed reference point for all the "floydian" fans of the German language.



Honorary member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Director of Scottish origins, he lives and works in France. He is known for having filmed a documentary series about some world famous artists and for having directed between 1971 and 1973, a film in the history of Pink Floyd: "Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii." For the few who do not know, this is a documentary film-recorded concert in the amphitheater of Pompeii, which in 1974 - for cinemas - went enriched with some images taken from a recording of "The Dark Side of moon "that is the Abbey Road Studios.
This feature has always been a unique masterpiece and it is certainly, in its own right, one of the main icons on the British rock group.



Honorary member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Multilingual Turkish pianist, composer and arranger, famous for performing the music of Pink Floyd. She graduated in piano at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, and got a master at the Royal Academy of Music in London, UK. As a classical pianist, the purpose of AyseDeniz is to unite the audience of classical and rock music in both formal and non-classical venues all over the world. After three of her piano arrangements of Pink Floyd's songs, in the style of Franz Liszt, she has become viral and has attracted the attention of progressive rock listeners, being also reviewed on Pink Floyd's official Facebook page. At the request of enthusiasts, she completed the album "Pink Floyd Classical Concept" which she performed in several countries including Italy. Her limited and autographed albums are available on her online shop, her digital tracks are available on iTunes and her live performances on Music Notes.