Outside the Wall...it never ends!

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Passion and enthusiasm for "Floydian" collecting are still alive! 

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As all-great things, at the end Outside the Wall ended Sunday 28th July the exhibition closed after two weeks of great activity, many famous guests and 4.000 visitors.

We thank Glenn Povey, who wowed fans on Thursday 25th July. A man devoted just to Pink Floyd, as he remembered, because of his main works, which are the result of an unlimited passion since he was 15 years old. This great passion has led him to live and collect almost everything of the "Floydian" world. A special wish, regarding Outside the Wall, which our exhibition could become a traveling exhibition and stop in London, the city that gave birth to the Group.


A warm thank you to Gerald Scarfe, whose conference was rushed on Friday 26th July: many stories told to spectators by the cartoonist, whose animations, have contributed to capture even a figurative level of "The Wall" events in rock legend. As he unveiled to the public, few people know that Pink Floyd looked for him when they saw his works for a film commissioned by BBC; at that time, he worked as cartoonist for famous English magazines. Pink Floyd were the turning point for his production, the beginning of his great fame. Gerald, so kind to answer to every public's question and sign autographs, expressed his estimation for our exhibition.

At Gerald Scarfe's conference attended the famous photographer Guido Harari and Giancarlo Passerella, who led the interview to Gerald, Glenn Povey and Giò Alajmo on Saturday 20th July.

Floydseum keeps surprising thanks the 3D Virtual Museum and the project to make available the art included in the most famous and rare Pink Floyd artworks; as long as this continues to exist and the will of share the deeper meanings remain alive in us, then the "pink" collecting and Outside the Wall will live and, ideally, will never close.

The Cultural Association Floydseum thanks Comune di Padova, our staff, the guests David Appleby, Giò Alajmo, Glenn Povey, Guido Harari and Gerald Scarfe, who attended. In addition, we would like to remember the tribute bands Wit Matrix and Think Floyd, Giancarlo Passarella and Alessandro Liccardo for his help as translator during interviews, but above all we thanks the 4.000 visitors and fans who decided to live this fantastic experience with us!

We are waiting for you in our virtual museum!

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