Outside the Wall

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In July, Padua revives the myth of the English rock band hosting Roger Waters’ concert and the monographic exhibition organized by Floydseum.



From 13rd to 28th July, Padua enters the myth, becoming the theatre of Pink Floyd’s music and success thanks to some important dates:

  • “The Wall”: great return of Roger Waters in Italy with his concert on Friday 26th;
  • “Outside The Wall”: incredible and emotional exhibition organized by the Cultural Association Floydseum, a unique opportunity to admire items and memorabilia coming from all over the world related to Pink Floyd’s career.

On 27th April at Pink Floyd Day 2, Brescia, The Cultural Association Floydseum had a great success, presenting officially the 3D Virtual Museum, which is dedicated to Pink Floyd collecting. Now, In Padua, the Association experiments a new initiative, which anticipates another great success: the organization of the biggest exhibition entirely dedicated to “Pink Floyd the Wall”, never realized as far now.

The room Agorà of the Cultural Centre Altinate/San Gaetano is going to host the first exhibition about "The Wall" from 13rd to 28th July, Padua. The exhibition includes some of the most precious and rare artworks coming from International private collections and related to discography, the film and live shows like vinyl, posters, tickets, t-shirts, prints and frames, tour programme, newspapers and magazines, vintage photos and memorabilia. Visitors will revive the glories of the ages of the album of the bricks.

Great expectation is directed to artists related to "The Wall" like David Appleby, who is the official backstage photographer during the shots of Alan Parker's film "Pink Floyd the Wall". He is going to attend for the inauguration of the exhibition. In addition, Glenn Povey, famous author of the most sensational books written about Pink Floyd like "Echoes" and "Technocolor Dream" and Giò Alajmo, famous journalist and music critic are going to be present during the exhibition.

Moreover, for the first time in Italy, 47 photos took by David Appleby and 20 rare original prints given by Gerald Scarfe are going to be exhibited. Gerald Scarfe, famous cartoonist all around the world and author of characters and animations which make famous the film and live shows, created and signed the "Outside the Wall" poster, representing wife, teacher, mother and pink who, in honor of the exhibition, come out from the wall.

Conferences and meetings with experts of the group, concerts and presentations of 3D Virtual Museum have been planned for fans’ pleasure during the period of “Outside the Wall”! Inside the Cultural Centre San Gaetano, the famous neon hammers sculpture by Marco Lodola, who is one of the most important Italian modern artist, is going to be exhbited.

The areas of the exhibition are:

  • The Cultural Association FLOYDSEUM
  • Gerald Scarfe's art and career
  • "The Wall" in discography
  • Pink Floyd "The Wall" live tour 1980/1981
  • The film "Pink Floyd the Wall" and backstage photos by David Appleby
  • Roger Waters "The Wall" live 1990-2013

The 3D Virtual Museum “Floydseum”, point of reference and meeting for fans and lovers all over the world, becomes real!