Giò Alajmo, Saturday 20th July 2013

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After the great success of the vernissage on Saturday 13rd July, the surprises of Outside the Wall has not ended!


Giò AlajmoSaturday 20th July, the second conference is going to take place at Centro Culturale San Gaetano having as special guest another famous man related to Pink Floyd universe: Giò Alajmo. At 6:00 pm, the famous journalist and music critic is going to share with the fans all his personal memories of two extraordinary events, which remain in the history of music: "The Wall" live of Pink Floyd in Dortmund in February 1981 and Roger Waters' live show in Berlin in July 1990. From that great event, which celebrated the fall of a sad oppression and division wall, the album "The Wall - live in Berlin" was realized.

After the conference, at 9:00 pm, the tribute band from Padua Think Floyd is going to perform.

The participation at Giò Alajmo's conference is free; to attend at the live show of Think Floyd, a responsible ticket of 10 EUR is expected.

PinkAnother great new for all fans who have appreciated the exhibition and its original artworks: "Pink". As we aforesaid, among the topics explained by Giò Alajmo, it is going to be shared his personal experience of Pink Floyd live show in Dortmund, 1981. In those years of rebellion and changes, the English rock band used to take on their stage the pink puppet. That mascot became a real "star" among fans and one of the symbols most representative not only of the music of that period, but also of the social revolution process of that time.

Directly from northern of England, “Pink” has been added to Floydseum collection just for Outside the Wall period: this incredible puppet has been kindly offered by Mick Popper, an English man who had the honour to work with Pink Floyd on "The Wall" tours in 1980/81 and he has kept jealously this puppet and other incredible artworks.

“It is another example of Floydseum potentiality, which is founded on a network of loyal friendships all around the world and this fact, potentially, it could help us to find whatever we want to show in our exhibition" says Alberto Durgante, President of the Association. "We are very pleased to encounter public's interest and enthusiasm of the comments of the experts. We hope now that some other big cities will have available for us, maybe even for a larger period of time, other places in order to replicate our exhibition and allow lots of Pink Floyd fans to be able to excite seeing what we have here".

Outside the Wall is opened from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday closed), all day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Free offer to enter.