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It will be officially presented on 27 April in Brescia in "Pink Floyd Day II", is the dream of seven three-dimensional keen collectors of the British band...

There are gadgets that refer to Arnold Layne (the first single released in 1967), even stethoscopes (Take up thy Stethoscope and Walk) or bicycle with basket and bell (Bike, excerpts from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn) but certainly hundreds of other memorabilia, all very rare, if not unique. With the noble aim of the music and tell the forty-year career of one of the bands that helped to write the history of Rock. They, Pink Floyd, entered by time in museums in Cleveland in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1996) and, in London, in the form of murals from '67, the Wax Museum Madame Tussaud's, along with other characters in the swing in 'London time. But it is the first time that Waters and his associates are seen dedicated an entire "virtual museum" where adoring fans and curious music lovers can enjoy and admire pieces (very rare) from private collections, jealously kept secret until today.


The idea came from a group of hardcore fans and collectors of the verb Floyd, forties and fifties has always been devoted to the cult of the group, seven Italians, an American and two British, just to divide geographically. Together they created the Floydseum, "a space dedicated online 3D precisely to Pink Floyd", as told by Alberto Durgante, president and one of the founders. Alberto has begun to love and listen to Pink to seven years. Today it is one of the most known and recognized collectors "Pink" in the world.

The presentation, this time physical, site-museum has been set for April 27 in Brescia, during the Pink Floyd II Day, a day devoted to Waters, Gilmour, Wright & Mason, presented by Dario Salvatori, exhibitions, meetings, exchanges, music, and Wit Matrix concert, a cover band that will trace the career of the British band through the songs more "tie-breaking". "More than just a meeting of enthusiasts is a way to raise funds for dell'AIL, the Italian Association of Fight against Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma Brescia," says Roberto Zaninelli, organizer of the event, "and then, of course, is also the celebration of a band that I love."

Returning to the virtual museum, reasons, according to Alberto Durgante who is also publisher of magazines dedicated to the English group, are simple: "First of all, there is nothing like it, and because passionate collectors, who for many years have formed a network friends and colleagues around the world, wanted to build something that, albeit virtual, could remain over time. Pink Floyd, for what they represent, deserve to be protected and passed on to future generations. "

Why Brescia?

"Temporarily, compared to our work schedule, we went back comfortable, then know who organized the event, and finally, as the hardcore fans of Pink Floyd will, in Brescia, in June 1971, has passed ... someone."


"Exactly! It was June 19, a memorable concert and a crazy lineup."

is your 3D project the first o its kind?

"Absolutely. There is, for now, nothing like that. What on-line, however, is just a taste of what the future might bring our museum. We used the three-dimensional effect to give a different emotion, more complete, and simultaneously transmit an idea of ​​infinite space ... ".

your secret dream?

"Having a huge room of memorabilia dedicated to their every historical period ... It would mean something really gigantic."

good idea to open a fanciful place for whom sang and played and had fun to use in show projections, image games and virtual reality…

"We believe that 3D will fully represent the fantasy world in which de Pink Floyd are accustomed to live and to lead."

How did you become fan of the band?

"Thanks to my brother who made ​​me listen to the tape of Atom Heart Mother, and it was love at first sight ...".

Usually a collector is a person midway between the mystic and the maniac…

"Let's say that partly matches, but the important thing is to always keep your head on your shoulders and give a value to collectors and cultural things without getting caught too much in hand to spend, becoming the classic hysterical fans from compulsive buying easy.

However, the collector is not very willing to let others to touch the objects of his pleasure. Do not you think that the museum could be interpreted as: "I have so many things of Pink and you do not?"

"For us it is the opposite. Our goal is not only to unite people with a common passion around the world but also to share with the largest possible number of fans, the pleasure for unique items that not everyone can afford - and who can do it can not have them all - showing the beauty of those objects."

The virtual office is Floydseum the web, but if you managed to have a physical space, that would be ideal ...

"Venice, no doubt. We love how the historical-cultural location, Pink have also played there and then the city has a charm all its own, indescribable."

your best memory?

"Emotionally Gilmour's concert in Venice was the last time I saw Wright on the stage, before he died, an evening under a deluge began and ended with a crazy incredible moon ... And then Roger Waters The Wall Live in 2011/2012, when it appeared the picture of my uncle Augustus on the "memory wall." He sank with the ship Oria in 1942; His death, at 22, is still an open wound for my family, especially my father. An incredible pain and a tragic event which, together with all the relatives of those killed try not to forget through our association. It's only been a dramatic episode of that conflict, but it makes me feel even more connected to Roger Waters: in fact, he lost his father, enlisted in the British military C Company of the Royal British Fusiliers, who was killed in the Allied landing at Anzio, ... ".