The night of pure rock wonder: Floydseum celebrates quarter century of Pink Floyd in Venice!

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The night of pure rock wonder: Floydseum celebrates quarter century of Pink Floyd in Venice!

On July 15, 1989, a historic day which marked a generation, even in television: Pink Floyd on a floating stage in the lagoon of Venice and all over the world connected with RAI1.

The night of wonders from the 12th of July

The exhibition Outside the Wall (organized by Floydseum) in Padua charms: so we wrote last year to tell you about those days at the Cultural Center Altinate San Gaetano before the Roger Waters concert. The extreme satisfaction with the success of the event, culminating in discussions about what to organize for the 25th anniversary concert of the Venetian. Long awaited news finally arrived and now. Says our diretur Giancarlo Passarella...


The staff of Floydseum gave birth to what we were waiting for: I am referring to The night of wonders, showing the tracks of Pink Floyd in Venice, remembering every aspect of the concert on July 15, 1989 ... Already last year, the association had done well talk about 'organizing Outside The Wall, an event that we have monitored and reviewed live: staged on the occasion of the Roger Waters concert in Padua, is structured with over 1,000 square meters of exhibition, a spectacular museum that allowed 3D to navigate a psychedelic world, with wide-eyed with wonder to all participants! How to forget the presence of prominent personalities of the world such as David Appleby international Floyd, Gio Alaimo, Glenn Povey and Gerald Scarfe.

The meetings with them were presented by Giancarlo Passarella, whether in the guise of a collector of memorabilia floydiane, but also because their collaborator of that tour 1988/89 of Pink Floyd.

They write those Floydseum ... This year it is not to be outdone! The location? Venice, of course. Where? In the beautiful former Roman-Gothic church of Santa Marta, in an area easily accessible both by land and by sea: the area of ​​the Port of Venice. When? Just before the historic date: from 12 July to 26 October ... An exhibition of rare material, photos, videos and objects provided by members of the Association which are counted among some of the largest collectors in the world of the British band.