Who is Guido Harari?

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Guido Harari - wallofsoundgallery.com

Guido Harari has become in the early seventies a photographer and music journalist, working with numerous magazines and record companies. Today it operates in the report, the institutional portrait, fashion and advertising, as well as signing the curating of exhibitions and books, of which even care by the time the entire project, from editing to graphic design.

He signed numerous album covers for international artists such as Kate Bush, David Crosby, Bob Dylan, BB King, Ute Lemper, Paul McCartney, Michael Nyman, Lou Reed, Simple Minds and Frank Zappa. In Italy he worked mainly with Claudio Baglioni, Andrea Bocelli Angelo Branduardi, Vinicio Capossela, Paolo Conte, Pino Daniele, Fabrizio De André, Eugene Kelly, Ligabue, Mia Martini, Gianna Nannini, PFM and Vasco Rossi.

It was also one of the curators of the exhibition of multimedia Fabrizio De André, produced by Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. Genoese artist, which for decades has been one of the photographers personal, devoted three books: "Fabrizio De André. E poi, il futuro" (2001), "Fabrizio De André. Una goccia di splendore" (2007 ) and "Fabrizio De André & PFM. Evaporati in una nuvola rock" (with Franz Di Ciocco, 2008).

His books include "Strange Angels" (2003), "The Beat Goes On" (with Wing Violence, 2004), "Chris!" (2006), "Mia Martini. L’ultima occasione per vivere" (with Menico Caroli, 2009), "Gaber. L'illogica utopia" (2010), "Quando parla Gaber" (2011), "Vinicio Capossela" (2012 ) and "Tom Waits" (2012).

In 2011 he opened in Alba, Piedmont, where she has lived for years, its a photo gallery, Wall Of Sound Gallery, devoted entirely to the imaginary music. In 2013 he was a guest of the exhibition "Outside The Wall", organized by the Floydseum in Padua, where he was able to photograph Mr Gerald Scarfe in person!

guido harari shot pink floyd concert venice 1989