Fran Tomasi oficially opens the exhibition "The Night of Wonders"

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Over 200 works displayed, tracing the history of the "Venetian Big Concert"

Venice July 12, 2014

It was inaugurated today in the former Church of Santa Marta in Venice, the exhibition dedicated to the Pink Floyd concert on 15 July 1989. And who better than Fran Tomasi could inaugurate "The Night Of Wonders"? Yes he, the creator and organizer of the huge music festival in Venice.

Tomasi, at the time, was one of the most important music promoters, has managed to bring to Italy the biggest rock bands in the world, from Lou Reed to the Rolling Stones, Sting Bruce Springsteen. He is also the man who devised the operation plate for the Olympic stadium in Rome, at the end of the football World Cup. In short, a character with many stories to tell. Although the Pink Floyd concert of 15 July 1989 created huge controversy, Francesco Tomasi, aka Fran, has never repented of having organized this colossal and unique concert that judges, after 25 years, an unrepeatable spectacle.

The exhibition is divided into sections, the tour of Verona in 1989, the origins of the Venetian project with the preparation, the days immediately preceding the concert and the event, up to the concert of Gilmour in 2006. Material comes from professional photographers worked directly in those days, as Guido Harari and Vision Venice Marco Sabbadin and Andrea Pattaro, but also a lot of pictures that come from the fans, as Bob Hassall, who was present on stage. They were selected out of almost 600 shots. A year of work to develop the material to be exhibited.

There are very rare memorabilia, like a poster that was never exposed because the organizers feared that he would attract too many people. Visitors to the exhibition will also see the pictures of the concert projected on a large screen and other video clips of those days on smaller screens. On the walls, there are many examples of famous and not so famous, who attended the concert and wide press coverage at the time, both Italian and foreign. In addition to photographic material, there are works such as the famous Martelli of Marco Lodola, the cloth sculptures of Stefano Bressani and the winners of the online competition created and designed by sculptor painter Grace Marino aka Dadagabem: "The idea was born - Grace Marino points out - for fans and the artists related to Pink Floyd culture, who are many and very good. The selection was made online and were chosen two authors, already well known in the art: Valerio Scarapazzi with Astronomy Domine and Aldo Claudio Medorini with Shine on your Crazy Diamond. To promote young talent has been chosen Giorgia Lembo with Young David Gilmour who is only 19 years." Dadagabem, for the occasion, created a work dedicated to the event titled Crazy Diamond.

In the exhibition, it was displayed "Chit Chat With Oysters" by Adrian Maben, the new unreleased documentary on the band. Fifty-minute black and white film at the studio Europa-Sonor in Paris in December 1971 during the processing to the master of "Echoes" recorded in Pompeii few months earlier.

Alberto Durgante, president of Floydseum thanked Fran Tomasi, Adrian Maben, members of the Floydseum, particularly the vice president Gian Luigi Soldi, all the guests, artists and his staff, reminding that on July 15 there will be the "commemorative cancellation stamp". A stand, just in front of the gates of "The Night Of Wonders", where it will be printed the postmark on the postcards created by Floydseum to be purchased directly at the show, throughout the day.