Poste Italiane celebrates Pink Floyd and The Night Of Wonders

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Special cancellation stamp during the show for all the "aficionados"

Venice, July 16, 2014

Now that it has officially opened its doors, The Night of Wonders has decided to go with the "Special Effects"!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, Floydseum announces the formalization by the Poste Italiane of The Night Of Wonders cancellation stamp. The opportunity to apply the cancellation stamp will continue until the end of the show. Yesterday, all visitors, who visited the exhibition, had the great opportunity to apply the special stamp on their floydseum postcard on "live".

For those who were not able to get one? Take a Breath and Smile! The stamped postcard can be purchased at the venue of the exhibition, in Santa Marta or at the Philately Space in Piazzale Roma Foundation Gaffaro 3510, one of the few (six) stores in Italy for "postal" collectors. Passion for Pink Floyd joins always and everywhere, as demonstrated by the beautiful atmosphere breathed during the inauguration where the excited Fran Tomasi, organizer of the concert in Venice in '89, and "the one without whom there would be nothing to celebrate" cut the ribbon, thanking the association and giving appointment to all for another spectacular show organized by him in Milan: "Pink Floyd exhibition Their mortal remains" to be held from September 19 to Steam Factory.

And you? You missed the inauguration of the show and were still wandering around Venice? Do not worry, it's much easier to reach than you think! The Night of Wonders has carved a niche outside the usual tourist flows beyond the call of the big cruise ships, at a place which, interestingly is very close to the place where it was built the floating stage used during the concert '89 before being transported to Piazza San Marco. More precisely, it is located in the Port of Venice at the former Gothic church of Santa Marta, and can be reached by vaporetto stops in Santa Marta (landed, turn right and go straight), and St. Basil's (landed turn left and go straight).

Who knows Venice and is willing to walk, you can get there from rafts, going to St. Basil or from Piazzale Roma along the road that runs along the building of arrival of the people mover.