Pink Floyd concert 25 years ago, between dream and nightmare

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It was July 15, 1989: The event was broadcasted worldwide by RAI, the city overrun by 200 thousand people

It has been 25 years exactly since that July 15, 1989 when Venice and Pink Floyd clashed for one of the events remained in the memory as a kind of catastrophe, of attempted suicide of a city that could not arrange the invasion of a fan of one of the most popular rock band placed at the end of the world to suffer the onslaught fortunately peaceful in the worst possible condition.

In April of that year, the proposal organizer Fran Tomasi, Venetian by adoption, to hold a concert of the group on a floating stage, free, and broadcast live and worldwide by RAI, had been accepted by the City and so can in particular by the then commissioner responsible Nereo Laroni. The operation was complex and expensive.

In Venice the council red-green led by Republican Mayor Casellati split on whether to hold the event, to make it there in front of Piazza San Marco, and on that day, in the evening of the Feast of the Redeemer.

To remember that famous night, which has already produced two books, "Outbursts in the air" by Lucio Angelini, and "The show of the century" by Tommaso Gastaldi, are now Pink Floyd Venetian fans, fanzine Heyou and the virtual museum Floydseum with a photographic exhibition to the former church of Santa Marta in Venice, "The Night of Wonders", accompanied by video and objects.

In Chioggia instead Collectors "Lunatics" dedicated to the event and to the group, an exhibition at the Museum until July 20 that culminated on July 18 in square Vigo with Venice Floyd concert with guest Durga McBroom, one of the famous vocalists of the British group, protagonist in Venice 25 years ago.

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