An exhibition shows the Pink Floyd in Venice

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Many people remember that night. The famous night of 15 July 1989 when Venice was preparing to host an event quite out of the ordinary. The Pink Floyd concert on a floating platform on the lagoon, just across the square.

They came from all over the world to attend this exceptional performance in the most romantic city of art, which in the hot summer evening had played the role of capital of the planet rock. And the memories of the magic of the moment musical and visual (marked by fireworks) are mixed with the more prosaic "defeat" of the Serenissima in front of the battalions of visitors do not always taught to respect places of history and culture, famously more fragile, like Venice (and in any case not be able to do at that time in subsidized).

Twenty-five years later, the spotlight has once again focused on this event. This is not to reopen the discussion, bring out nostalgic or grievances, rather than closer look at what happened in those days, as the concert was prepared with extraordinary means adapted to the exceptional nature of the event, the crowd massed in front of the basins, the forest of gondolas, the look of Gilmour, Mason and Wright on this almost Disney-set design, the emotion of the musicians.

All through a rich photographic material, to which you add documents, articles, testimonies collected by the cultural Floydseum - founded by Alberto Durgante, Gianluigi Money and Marco Bonecher - for the exhibition "The Night of Wonders" opened July 12 in former Gothic-Romanesque church of Santa Marta and can be visited throughout the summer, until October 26. A few days earlier, on July 9, at 18, this appointment was presented in the Sala Apollinare at La Fenice theater with the participation of a special guest.

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