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Save the Date! Floydseum Film Festival

August 23, 2014

Floydseum invites you to watch "More" at the former church of Santa Marta, place of The Night of Wonders exhibition. The film goes back to 1969 and deals with an intense and troubled love story between two young people in Ibiza of that time. A fresco of a dreamy and dramatic journey with no rules in the world of drugs, with inevitable tragic outcome. The film is all accompanied by the soundtrack of Pink Floyd, which was commissioned by the director himself and published in the album Soundtrack from the Film More, present in the official discography of the band. It was presented in a special screening of the International Critics' Week at Cannes Film Festival 2002.

  • Last: 116 min
  • Color: color
  • Genre: drama
  • Director: Barbet Schroeder
  • Screenplay: Barbet Schroeder, Paul Gegauff
  • Production: Les Films du Losange
  • Photography: Nestor Almendros, Fran Lewis
  • Montage: Denise De Casabianca, Rita Roland
  • Music: Pink Floyd
  • Characters: Klaus Grunberg: Stefan, Mimsy Farmer: Estelle, Heinz Engelmann: Wolf, Georges Montant: Sellers, Louise Wink: Cathy, Michel Chanderli: Charlie, Henry Wolf: Wolf