The Night of Wonders becomes a book!

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The Cultural Association Floydseum presents the first book "The Night of Wonders", lights, sounds, memories


The spectacular exhibition "The Night of Wonders" located in Venice from July to October 2014 in the charming former church of Santa Marta, currently in Portogruaro at the Foundation Collegio Marconi, and soon around Italy, it has become a book!

The project "The Night of Wonders", organized by the Cultural Association Floydseum, made ​​up by some of the greatest collectors of the band in the world, is now also a book. This is the result of a long and valuable work of search and selection of photos and written testimonies, collected in more than two years of research. The book is cleverly harmonized within a visual story and wrote that let you relive the excitement of that famous July 15, 1989, when over 300,000 people came to Venice to see and listen to Pink Floyd playing on a floating stage located in the basin of San Marco.

Fascinating glimpse of wonderful photos provided by some of the most famous photographers of the Italian Rock Music: Guido Harari, Andrea Pattaro, Marco Sabadin, Alcide Boaretto, Fran Tomasi and Bob Hassall.

The book also collects the written evidence of that incredible day in the memories of the band, the singers Durga and Lorely Mc Broom, the experts and the ordinary fans who have lived intensely that memorable day. A single document of the highest historical and cultural value that testifies to a page of the '900 that will remain in the history of music and entertainment, as well as in the ancient history of Venice. The elegant format and professional graphics makes it the perfect gift for any fan of the band and not, for all those who love music, photography and Venice!

You can find it in bookstores from January 17, 2015 or it can be ordered immediately by writing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.