Book Presentation - One of These Days

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One of These Days - 50th of Pink Floyd in Italy 1968/2018

After the beautiful exhibition set up this summer in Galleria Cavour in Padua, with many enrichments, Floydseum Cultural Association presents the third new book! From the first concerts at the Piper Club of Rome in 1968, to the lavish stage shows in 1994, up to the solo tour in 2018.

This new book covers the fundamental stages of this adventure, through incredible photographs of live performances (with unpublished photos of the concert of Brescia in 1971) and very rare memorabilia, all embellished by the reviews of the time or written testimonies of who was there, by those who saw the band playing inside the ruins of Pompeii in 1971, or who worked on the floating stage of Venice in 1989!

150 pages entirely in color to relive the emotions of fifty years of Pink Floyd concerts in Italy.

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