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Matt Johns (UK)

Honorary member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"


Great collector and enthusiast of Pink Floyd, he was one of the collaborators in the realization of the well-known English fanzine "Brain Damage", which was born in England but spread all over the world in the '80s and '90s. Following the trend of the times gave birth eponymous site in English - songs-damage.co.uk - which has become the undisputed reference point for “floydian” fans around the world.


Vernon Fitch (USA)

Honorary member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"


He is a music historian, archivist, and the manager of Pink Floyd "Pink Floyd Archives" U.S. (pinkfloydarchives.com). He is a well-known and respected collector and expert of the vicissitudes of the band. He has written many books such as "The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia", "Pink Floyd-The press reports" and his "bud" or "Comfortably Numb-A History of The Wall" that reveals all the secrets of the album of the same name, the film and of the live show.

He is a worldwide point of reference for the global benchmark for the discographies of Pink Floyd and has been involved in many of their projects. He is the only person, other than the band, quoted as a source by Nick Mason in his personal biography of the band entitled "Inside Out".


Mattia Crespi (Italy)

Founder member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Lover of Pink Floyd and having a deep knowledge of new technologies, he has decided to make available to the Association its huge knowledge in the field of technological innovation.

He participates in research groups like the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, he is SA member of the IEEE and he collaborates with groups working on modelling and simulation of NATO.

He realized the Association's website and, most importantly, the design and creation of 3D Virtual Museum dedicated to the group. He took part at the Pink Floyd concert in Venice in 1989, a concert that still defines it as the best of his life.


Nicola De Cal (Italy)

Founder member of Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Always been a great fan of the band, he has collaborated with numerous fanzines in time and authors of books.
In the early 90s, he was editor of the fanzine "Learning to fly"; at the end of the 90s, he was co-editor of the fanzine "Time" from 2009 and is co-editor of the known and esteemed fanzine "Heyou" for which runs the eponymous website.