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Marco Bonecher (Italy)

Founder member and director of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Always curious and interested in the news, he has enthusiastically embraced the goal of this association by providing its expertise in the field of management consulting. Work in fact, through his company Nestar initiatives for leading national and international realities. His expertise regarding organizational change, the production and logistics processes in a lean way and issues related to management control.


Glenn Povey (UK)

Honorary Member of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Founder of well-known English fanzine dedicated to Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage", he was director from 1985 to 1993, also launching the career of Australian Pink Floyd.
He’s a great collector of historical documents relating to the band, co-editor of the book "Pink Floyd in the flesh, the complete performance history" and author of what is widely considered the "bible" of Pink Floyd or the book "Echoes" that has consecrated as the leading authority on the history of the band. He has written extensively about the band for many music magazines including Mojo, Record Collector and Classic Rock.
He currently works in art direction and production tour of the music industry, he’is editor of books on Pink Floyd (mindheadpublishing.co.uk) and recently has also printed a new lavishly illustrated book titled "The Treasures of Pink Floyd."


Alberto Durgante (Italy)

Founder member and chairman of the Cultural Association "Floydseum"

Lover of Pink Floyd since he was 7, he is currently one of the most known and recognized collectors of "pink" material.
In the 80s he was publisher of the fanzine "Pink Collector", a reference point for collectors all over the world; in the 90s he was co-editor of another fanzine known environment, "Time", while the 2008, co-editor of the popular and respected magazine for enthusiasts "Heyou" for which he is also responsible for the preparation and Collectibles section.

The photo of his uncle Augustus is on the "memory wall" shown during the concerts of Roger Waters "The Wall Live" 2010/2013.