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The Cultural Association Floydseum, dedicated to enhancing the art and culture of the famous British band Pink Floyd, is pleased to announce its new exhibition, "The Night Of Wonders, Pink Floyd in Venice", to be held in Venice at the beautiful Serra dei Giardini, from 11 to 25 February 2017.

After creating the first and the only 3D virtual reality museum dedicated to Pink Floyd, the great exhibitions in Padua (2013), in Venice (2014) and in Portogruaro (2015), the Cultural Association Floydseum brings together in a virtual network some of the greatest collectors in the world of the rock band.

Thanks to Nonsoloverde, dating from the end of 1800 in the enchanting scenery of the Serra dei Giardini, located between the Biennale and the Arsenale, you will be able to relive the excitement of the July 15, 1989, the unforgettable Pink Floyd concert in Venice!

The exhibition, through photographic elements, videos and written, can set a time on music history and on the city of Venice. Do not miss the wonderful pictures photographed by Guido Harari, Andrea Pattaro, Marco Sabadin, Bob Hassall, Alcide Boaretto, the testimonies and rare memorabilia.

The exhibition will be open daily from Saturday, February 11 to Saturday, February 25, 2017, from 10 to 20, with free admission.

Venue of the exhibition: Venice, Serra dei Giardini, Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi 1254

Vaporetto: Line 1, stop Giardini

Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At the exhibition, you can also buy the event book, "The Night Of Wonders. Pink Floyd in Venice. 15 July 1989. Lights, sounds and memories " (Antorami Editions)

Besides the exhibition, the Cultural Association Floydseum will also organize events such as the presentation of the Association's book and live music performances. Do not miss any update, follow us on Floydseum official facebook page!

The Cultural Association Floydseum decided to dedicate this exhibition to the memory of our late friend and former Vice-President, Gianluigi Soldi.

Shine on!

The Floydseum

The Night of Wonders


Pink Floyd, the first virtual museum arrives! - Rolling Stone Magazine

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It will be officially presented on 27 April in Brescia in "Pink Floyd Day II", is the dream of seven three-dimensional keen collectors of the British band...

There are gadgets that refer to Arnold Layne (the first single released in 1967), even stethoscopes (Take up thy Stethoscope and Walk) or bicycle with basket and bell (Bike, excerpts from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn) but certainly hundreds of other memorabilia, all very rare, if not unique. With the noble aim of the music and tell the forty-year career of one of the bands that helped to write the history of Rock. They, Pink Floyd, entered by time in museums in Cleveland in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1996) and, in London, in the form of murals from '67, the Wax Museum Madame Tussaud's, along with other characters in the swing in 'London time. But it is the first time that Waters and his associates are seen dedicated an entire "virtual museum" where adoring fans and curious music lovers can enjoy and admire pieces (very rare) from private collections, jealously kept secret until today.


The tridimensional tribute of Brescia

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floydseum at pink floyd day 2


Outside The Wall - Last Days of the Exhibition

At San Gaetano together with the concert of Roger Waters, the cultural association Floydseum organizes his exhibition-event regarding Pink Floyd and the album "The Wall" until 28th July 2013.


The First Pink Floyd Virtual 3D Museum

We launched the first 3D version of the Floydseum, the Pink Floyd Collectors Virtual Museum. The 3D Museum is accessible from the 2D website. If you like it, please help us to keep alive this dream!


Nicola De Cal (Italy)

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Founder member of association "Floydseum"

Always been a great fan of the band, he has collaborated with numerous fanzines in time and authors of books.
In the early 90s, he was editor of the fanzine "Learning to fly"; at the end of the 90s, he was co-editor of the fanzine "Time" from 2009 and is co-editor of the known and esteemed fanzine "Heyou" for which runs the eponymous website.


Marco Bonecher (Italy)

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Founder member and director of the association "Floydseum"

Always curious and interested in the news, he has enthusiastically embraced the goal of this association by providing its expertise in the field of management consulting. Work in fact, through his company Nestar initiatives for leading national and international realities. His expertise regarding organizational change, the production and logistics processes in a lean way and issues related to management control.


Gianluigi Soldi (Italy)

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Founder member and assistant chairman of the association “Floydseum”

He has deep knowledge of Pink Floyd and he began to grow his passion from the release of the album "Atom Heart Mother" in October 1970, remaining "literally struck"; since then, he follows continuously the whole activity of Pink Floyd collecting valuable material attributable to the group.

He’s a fan of progressive rock, electronic music and the cosmic, all inspiration for his drawings, paintings and writings of deep introspection. His publications include numerous interventions of national and international magazines and websites.

His aims is to bring together all the countless international resources accumulated over the years by fans, to place them in a single area, the city of Venice.

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