The Night of Wonders becomes a book!

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The Cultural Association Floydseum presents the first book "The Night of Wonders", lights, sounds, memories


The spectacular exhibition "The Night of Wonders" located in Venice from July to October 2014 in the charming former church of Santa Marta, currently in Portogruaro at the Foundation Collegio Marconi, and soon around Italy, it has become a book!

The project "The Night of Wonders", organized by the Cultural Association Floydseum, made ​​up by some of the greatest collectors of the band in the world, is now also a book. This is the result of a long and valuable work of search and selection of photos and written testimonies, collected in more than two years of research. The book is cleverly harmonized within a visual story and wrote that let you relive the excitement of that famous July 15, 1989, when over 300,000 people came to Venice to see and listen to Pink Floyd playing on a floating stage located in the basin of San Marco.

Fascinating glimpse of wonderful photos provided by some of the most famous photographers of the Italian Rock Music: Guido Harari, Andrea Pattaro, Marco Sabadin, Alcide Boaretto, Fran Tomasi and Bob Hassall.

The book also collects the written evidence of that incredible day in the memories of the band, the singers Durga and Lorely Mc Broom, the experts and the ordinary fans who have lived intensely that memorable day. A single document of the highest historical and cultural value that testifies to a page of the '900 that will remain in the history of music and entertainment, as well as in the ancient history of Venice. The elegant format and professional graphics makes it the perfect gift for any fan of the band and not, for all those who love music, photography and Venice!

You can find it in bookstores from January 17, 2015 or it can be ordered immediately by writing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The legendary Pink Floyd concert in Venice comes alive in an exhibition

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The Night Of Wonders celebrates the 25th anniversary of the concert with photos and documents

(Interview with Alberto Durgante, president of the Cultural Association, at Radio One Veneto)

Relive the famous Pink Floyd concert in Venice in 1989 in an exhibition. We talked to Hello Veneto One with the president of Floydseum, Alberto Durgante, who has designed and built an exhibition in Venice in the former Church of Santa Marta and now we're going to present.

A beautiful sunny day greeted this past Saturday, July 12, the opening of the exhibition "The Night Of Wonders", a new ambitious project of the Cultural Floydseum that intends to repeat the success of "Outside The Wall", a series of shows and events held last July in Padua in conjunction with the Roger Waters concert at the stadium Euganeo.

This time the main theme is the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the famous Pink Floyd concert held on a floating stage placed in front of Piazza san Marco, on July 15, 1989. Luxurious After the prologue of Wednesday, July 9 at the Hall Apollinea great the Teatro La Fenice, where it was presented the "the making of Ca ira", by Roger Waters, the presence of director Adrian Maben, from 12 July to 26 October is an open exhibition "The Night of Wonders," at the Port Space, the former church of Santa Marta, shed 34. The area outside the usual tourist flows, is in fact beyond the call of the big cruise ships, which can be seen to arrive and depart from the quay opposite the entrance of the exhibition.

And interesting to remember (when you say coincidences) as, meter meter more or less, it was here that was built floating stage used in concert in 1989, before being transported to Piazza San Marco. The area of the Port of Venice is very charming, rich in industrial archeology that reminds many of the typical themes and environments floydiani, "Wish You Were Here" at all, and can be reached by vaporetto stops in Santa Marta (landed turn to the right and go straight), and San Basilio (landed, turn left and go straight), from walking from Piazzale Roma or rafts along the road that runs along the building of arrival of the people mover.

The exhibition is located in the former Gothic-Romanesque church of Santa Marta, a classic example of how once you knew how to use with wisdom the stone to create a simple yet cozy environments; the churchyard, to welcome the many visitors on Saturday, there was a inflatable pig (guess what color?) 3 meters high and 6 long, to which no one has been able to resist approaching to take a souvenir photo pending the opening the exhibition scheduled for 12 noon.

With slight delay waiting for the guest of honor, the members of Floydseum (Alberto Durgante the president, the vice-president Gianluigi Money, Marco Bonecher, Cal Nicola De Luca Berta, Mattia Crespi, Stefano Torriani, Mauro Fagnani, eminent members from around the world, Massimiliano Viezzi head stand), explained the objectives of the association are those who "not only to celebrate 25 years since Pink Floyd concert but also to continue to spread the culture and art Pink Floyd, an art that is not only musical for which are universally known, but also that of the image (think of the beautiful graphics of Storm Thorgerson), poetry (the marvelous texts, mostly by Roger Waters) and the show (the group has always been a pioneer since the '70s in wanting to combine music on stage and stage effects increasingly complex and innovative)."

For the ribbon-cutting ceremony was called "the man without whom there would have been nothing to celebrate" or Fran Tomasi, promoter and organizer, among other things, the Pink Floyd concert in Venice, 1989; visibly moved by this unexpected tribute to his great masterpiece 25 years ago, Tomasi thanked Floydseum and made ​​an appointment at all for his show "Pink Floyd exhibition, Their mortal remains" to be held from 19 September to the Factory steam Milan.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony and a toast of good wishes, the entire audience defendant could get to see the show; between the various people agreed were noted Adrian Maben, director of the movie "Pink Floyd at Pompeii" with his wife, Chantal, Stefano Bressani, author of the very special "sculptures dressed", Luigi Pedrazzi of Arteutopia famous gallerist from Milan and friend of Storm Thorgerson, Stefano Tarquini, aka Mr. Pinky, one of the largest collectors in the world of floydian vinyl, authorities and personalities of the Venetian world and many longtime fans, friends and acquaintances.

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Pink Floyd concert 25 years ago, between dream and nightmare

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It was July 15, 1989: The event was broadcasted worldwide by RAI, the city overrun by 200 thousand people

It has been 25 years exactly since that July 15, 1989 when Venice and Pink Floyd clashed for one of the events remained in the memory as a kind of catastrophe, of attempted suicide of a city that could not arrange the invasion of a fan of one of the most popular rock band placed at the end of the world to suffer the onslaught fortunately peaceful in the worst possible condition.

In April of that year, the proposal organizer Fran Tomasi, Venetian by adoption, to hold a concert of the group on a floating stage, free, and broadcast live and worldwide by RAI, had been accepted by the City and so can in particular by the then commissioner responsible Nereo Laroni. The operation was complex and expensive.

In Venice the council red-green led by Republican Mayor Casellati split on whether to hold the event, to make it there in front of Piazza San Marco, and on that day, in the evening of the Feast of the Redeemer.

To remember that famous night, which has already produced two books, "Outbursts in the air" by Lucio Angelini, and "The show of the century" by Tommaso Gastaldi, are now Pink Floyd Venetian fans, fanzine Heyou and the virtual museum Floydseum with a photographic exhibition to the former church of Santa Marta in Venice, "The Night of Wonders", accompanied by video and objects.

In Chioggia instead Collectors "Lunatics" dedicated to the event and to the group, an exhibition at the Museum until July 20 that culminated on July 18 in square Vigo with Venice Floyd concert with guest Durga McBroom, one of the famous vocalists of the British group, protagonist in Venice 25 years ago.

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Poste Italiane celebrates Pink Floyd and The Night Of Wonders

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Special cancellation stamp during the show for all the "aficionados"

Venice, July 16, 2014

Now that it has officially opened its doors, The Night of Wonders has decided to go with the "Special Effects"!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, Floydseum announces the formalization by the Poste Italiane of The Night Of Wonders cancellation stamp. The opportunity to apply the cancellation stamp will continue until the end of the show. Yesterday, all visitors, who visited the exhibition, had the great opportunity to apply the special stamp on their floydseum postcard on "live".

For those who were not able to get one? Take a Breath and Smile! The stamped postcard can be purchased at the venue of the exhibition, in Santa Marta or at the Philately Space in Piazzale Roma Foundation Gaffaro 3510, one of the few (six) stores in Italy for "postal" collectors. Passion for Pink Floyd joins always and everywhere, as demonstrated by the beautiful atmosphere breathed during the inauguration where the excited Fran Tomasi, organizer of the concert in Venice in '89, and "the one without whom there would be nothing to celebrate" cut the ribbon, thanking the association and giving appointment to all for another spectacular show organized by him in Milan: "Pink Floyd exhibition Their mortal remains" to be held from September 19 to Steam Factory.

And you? You missed the inauguration of the show and were still wandering around Venice? Do not worry, it's much easier to reach than you think! The Night of Wonders has carved a niche outside the usual tourist flows beyond the call of the big cruise ships, at a place which, interestingly is very close to the place where it was built the floating stage used during the concert '89 before being transported to Piazza San Marco. More precisely, it is located in the Port of Venice at the former Gothic church of Santa Marta, and can be reached by vaporetto stops in Santa Marta (landed, turn right and go straight), and St. Basil's (landed turn left and go straight).

Who knows Venice and is willing to walk, you can get there from rafts, going to St. Basil or from Piazzale Roma along the road that runs along the building of arrival of the people mover.


Fran Tomasi oficially opens the exhibition "The Night of Wonders"

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Over 200 works displayed, tracing the history of the "Venetian Big Concert"

Venice July 12, 2014

It was inaugurated today in the former Church of Santa Marta in Venice, the exhibition dedicated to the Pink Floyd concert on 15 July 1989. And who better than Fran Tomasi could inaugurate "The Night Of Wonders"? Yes he, the creator and organizer of the huge music festival in Venice.

Tomasi, at the time, was one of the most important music promoters, has managed to bring to Italy the biggest rock bands in the world, from Lou Reed to the Rolling Stones, Sting Bruce Springsteen. He is also the man who devised the operation plate for the Olympic stadium in Rome, at the end of the football World Cup. In short, a character with many stories to tell. Although the Pink Floyd concert of 15 July 1989 created huge controversy, Francesco Tomasi, aka Fran, has never repented of having organized this colossal and unique concert that judges, after 25 years, an unrepeatable spectacle.

The exhibition is divided into sections, the tour of Verona in 1989, the origins of the Venetian project with the preparation, the days immediately preceding the concert and the event, up to the concert of Gilmour in 2006. Material comes from professional photographers worked directly in those days, as Guido Harari and Vision Venice Marco Sabbadin and Andrea Pattaro, but also a lot of pictures that come from the fans, as Bob Hassall, who was present on stage. They were selected out of almost 600 shots. A year of work to develop the material to be exhibited.

There are very rare memorabilia, like a poster that was never exposed because the organizers feared that he would attract too many people. Visitors to the exhibition will also see the pictures of the concert projected on a large screen and other video clips of those days on smaller screens. On the walls, there are many examples of famous and not so famous, who attended the concert and wide press coverage at the time, both Italian and foreign. In addition to photographic material, there are works such as the famous Martelli of Marco Lodola, the cloth sculptures of Stefano Bressani and the winners of the online competition created and designed by sculptor painter Grace Marino aka Dadagabem: "The idea was born - Grace Marino points out - for fans and the artists related to Pink Floyd culture, who are many and very good. The selection was made online and were chosen two authors, already well known in the art: Valerio Scarapazzi with Astronomy Domine and Aldo Claudio Medorini with Shine on your Crazy Diamond. To promote young talent has been chosen Giorgia Lembo with Young David Gilmour who is only 19 years." Dadagabem, for the occasion, created a work dedicated to the event titled Crazy Diamond.

In the exhibition, it was displayed "Chit Chat With Oysters" by Adrian Maben, the new unreleased documentary on the band. Fifty-minute black and white film at the studio Europa-Sonor in Paris in December 1971 during the processing to the master of "Echoes" recorded in Pompeii few months earlier.

Alberto Durgante, president of Floydseum thanked Fran Tomasi, Adrian Maben, members of the Floydseum, particularly the vice president Gian Luigi Soldi, all the guests, artists and his staff, reminding that on July 15 there will be the "commemorative cancellation stamp". A stand, just in front of the gates of "The Night Of Wonders", where it will be printed the postmark on the postcards created by Floydseum to be purchased directly at the show, throughout the day.

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