The Wall continues to surprise at the cinema

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The Wall at the cinema, global event on 29th and 30th September 2015

Unanimously considered a milestone in the rock history and the career of Pink Floyd with over 30 million copies sold worldwide, the album THE WALL equates one of the top creative British band author with the most important contribution in terms of composition, ROGER WATERS. All in a work that, 36 years after its publication on disc, yet never ceases to amaze for topical, emotional involvement and meaning.

It is proof, as well as its subsequent reprints and the film adaptation in 1982 who made the Oscar-winning director Alan Parker, also the 219 concerts that same WATERS held between 2010 and 2013, presenting the monumental rock opera in whole, and inflaming audiences around the world. Now just the sights and sounds of that tour they arrive on the big screen in ultra definition in Dolby Atmos in the contemporary world after the success achieved at the Toronto International Film Festival.

ROGER WATERS. THE WALL is in fact an event film that develops on multiple levels: it is the experience of a concert album overwhelming classic Pink Floyd, Waters of a road movie that comes to terms with the past and an exciting anti-war film. The film will be followed by way of exception from the intimate conversation between Roger Waters and Nick Mason who, for the first time after the dissolution of the band, will respond with a selection of questions sent in by fans. The unprecedented event will be released simultaneously worldwide on September 29th at 8pm, but the Italian fans, unique in the world at the time, they will find the film for three days on 29th and 30th September and 1st October.

The film was shot in 4K and mixed in Dolby Atmos during the tour sold out of Roger Waters "The Wall Live" who has collected over 1.5 million fans in North America, 1 million fans in Latin America and Central America and 1 million fans in Europe: over 4 million viewers around the world for the largest world tour ever undertaken by a solo artist. The identification of fans with THE WALL is in fact second only to that of the same WATERS, who dug deep into his personal history and his own sensitivity to build an immortal parable about the war, the sense of loss, love and life , up to the decision to produce and co-directing (with the creative director of the tour Sean Evans) a film that, in addition to finally offer a testimony of those extraordinary concerts, it allowed him to deal with the current meaning of THE WALL. Strongly marked by mourning the death of his grandfather in the war (during World War I) and his father (who died during the Second World War), THE WALL free today even more his scream against the horror of all wars, exactly a century after the First World War.

Speaking of the cinema event, Roger Waters declared: “We were a large family on the road, around 189, one more, one less. Basically we were happy, as I am really happy to welcome on board at all; I know, I know, I'm mixing metaphors. Where was I? Ah yes, with your help the event of September will be the perfect way to remember not only our loved ones, but also the loved ones to the other guys, the ones that are gone, those who are still there and those who have yet rise”.

ROGER WATERS. THE WALL is a film by Roger Waters and Sean Evans by 21 Rue Productions. Music by Roger Waters, Music Production by Nigel Godrich, Installation of Katharine McQuerrey, Photography by Brett Turnbull. Executive Producer: Mark Fenwick. Produced by Roger Waters, Clare Spencer. Directed by Sean Evans and Roger Waters.


Pink Floyd the Wall

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Save the Date! Floydseum Film Festival


September, 7 2014


Pink Floyd The Wall is a film by Alan Parker came out in 1982, the film adaptation of the concept album "The Wall", released in 1979 by Pink Floyd. The film, the third phase of the project conceived by Roger Waters, is based on the album rather than vice versa, and it is in fact the "visual track."

The story allows at least three levels of interpretation:

  • autobiographical one (the death of Roger's father in the war, Eric Fletcher Waters, the problems of school education in the period of the student riots)
  • one of observation and social critique (the lack of communication in relationships, the almighty rockstar)
  • one that represents the evolution of the madness of the protagonist, where you can see a reference to Syd Barrett, although the experiences of life and artistic bassist represent the true soul.

Initially, they were four to begin the implementation of the project: In addition to Waters, the cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, the director Michael Seresin and producer Alan Parker. Scarfe, will work with animated drawings of many sequences of the film, the same ones that were also projected on the wall.

The film was screened out of competition at the 35th Cannes Film Festival.


The Wall Live in Berlin

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Save the Date! Floydseum Film Festival

Concert Roger Waters live in Berlin July 21, 1990

Saturday, August 9, at the exhibition The Night of Wonders former church of Santa Marta it will be broadcasted the concert film that contains the live recording of Pink Floyd rock opera "The Wall" performed in Berlin, Germany, 21 July 1990 to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. The public expected early in Potsdamer Platz was 250,000 people, although before the show the figure will rise to around 350,000 spectators.

The other members of Pink Floyd did not accept to perform Waters then formed a band very heterogeneous composed by different artists for almost every song performed. Were involved in the project Bryan Adams, The Band, Paul Carrack, Thomas Dolby, James Galway, Jerry Hall, The Hooters, Cyndi Lauper, Ute Lemper, Joni Mitchell, Paddy Moloney, Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor, the Scorpions. In addition to performing the full text of "The Wall", after the collapse of the wall at the end of "The Trial" is performed the song "The Tide is turnig", recorded by Waters for his solo albun "Radio KAOS".

The concert was broadcast live for two hours in 52 different countries.


Pink Floyd, 25 years after the concert in Venice

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Not a happy experience for the Serenissima, but definitely a great event that you add to the many significant moments in the career of the group

In 1983 The Final Cut. Then two years later, Roger Waters officially leaves the band. In fact, Pink Floyd are granted a long break before returning in 1987 with A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. After the release of that album, the band begins a long tour until the summer of '89.

The date, however, no one would ever expect is that of July 15, 1989 in Venice, the Grand Canal, on a platform moored in front of Piazza San Marco. The live version is limited to organizational matters and broadcasting needs.

Pink Floyd playing it for 90 minutes in front of 200 thousand people arrived at the unique location, created especially for the occasion. The countries associated with the event are more than twenty, 100 million viewers are estimated.

Go on stage David Gilmour (guitars and vocals) Richard Wright (keyboards and vocals) Nick Mason (drums and percussion) Jon Carin (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals) Tim Renwick (guitars) Guy Pratt (bass and vocals) Scott Page (saxophones) Gary Wallis (percussion) Rachel Fury (backing vocals) Durga McBroom (backing vocals) and Lorelei McBroom (backing vocals).

Read the news here.


Outside the Wall

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In July, Padua revives the myth of the English rock band hosting Roger Waters’ concert and the monographic exhibition organized by Floydseum.

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