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In this section you can find a partial press review concerning newspapers, magazines and websites which wrote about Floydseum. The section is always updated. Please report us any review related to our Association which are not present in this section. Thanks to everybody for the collaboration and support that you demonstrate to us every day!

Giò Alajmo, Saturday 20th July 2013

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After the great success of the vernissage on Saturday 13rd July, the surprises of Outside the Wall has not ended!


Outside the Wall

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In July, Padua revives the myth of the English rock band hosting Roger Waters’ concert and the monographic exhibition organized by Floydseum.


Outside the never ends!

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Passion and enthusiasm for "Floydian" collecting are still alive! 

cultural centre altinate san gaetano

As all-great things, at the end Outside the Wall ended Sunday 28th July the exhibition closed after two weeks of great activity, many famous guests and 4.000 visitors.

We thank Glenn Povey, who wowed fans on Thursday 25th July. A man devoted just to Pink Floyd, as he remembered, because of his main works, which are the result of an unlimited passion since he was 15 years old. This great passion has led him to live and collect almost everything of the "Floydian" world. A special wish, regarding Outside the Wall, which our exhibition could become a traveling exhibition and stop in London, the city that gave birth to the Group.


Pink Floyd Day II, Brescia 2013

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The weekend just spent together with our friends Wit Matrix, fans all around Italy and the incredible Durga McBroom-Hudson was fantastic!
It was a great pleasure for us to have arranged such exhibition to present ourselves to the world, showing our artworks, resolution, passion and the first 3D Virtual Museum dedicated to Pink Floyd.